An easy channel that offers the passing of all challenge and evaluation phases of any PROP FIRM that allows the use of HFT (High frequency trading) within 24 hours.


I’m sure you’re interested, so let’s dive into the details of what prop firms are all about, the recommended prop firms that allow (HFT) and their peculiarities, and how we at the UTE can help you get funded with any of these prop firms within a short period of time, and we’ve got proofs to back it up!!!


Proprietary Trading firms, commonly known as Prop firms are financial institutions that trade with their own capital to make profits; unlike traditional banks, or retail brokers that trade on behalf of clients, prop firms use their own money to engage in trading activities.

The beautiful part about the evolution of the prop firm industry over the past few years is that most prop firms have established a PROFIT SHARING MODEL with regular retail traders. This means that prop firm’s now recruit, and provide substantial amounts of capital to talented, tested and proven retail traders like you, and then they pay you a substantial part of the profits you make with the capital they’ve provided for you.

All prop firms require their potential traders to pass some challenge phases before they will be willing to entrust their capital to these potential traders. But many at times, the challenge processes can prove to be LENGTHY, BORING and somewhat EXHAUSTING for many retail traders, as most retail traders prefer to start trading a live account as soon as they can, without being bored by the unending challenge phases; and that’s why we at the ULTIMATE TRADING EMPIRE are here to help retail traders make that a reality within a short period of time.


Based on research, it seems many prop firms that allow HFT bots and Algo trading for an evaluation account, but they apply some restrictions to certain trading systems and strategies. These limitations make it difficult for traders to fully take advantage of the market by deploying any trading bots of their choice to trade the challenge. Fortunately, we found prop firms that allow HFT, and Algo for fully automatic trading at any time, allowing traders to trade with any A.I robot without limits.

Prop firms that allow HFT bots have become a popular choice for traders who want to trade with ease and pass accounts without the need to do manual trading, making trading less stressful and faster. These include…


✨ At the Ultimate Trading Empire, we are fully dedicated to helping you as a retail trader get funded with any prop firm that allows (HFT) A.I bots of your choice within 24 HOURS, and we achieve this flawlessly with the assistance of our expertly programmed A.I HFT trading robot.

✨ To prove that we’re not all talk at the ULTIMATE TRADING EMPIRE, below are the evidences and testimonies of our previous successes.

See evidences and success stories….


We require you to visit any prop firm website of your choice that allows HFT to pass evaluation and challenge phases.

Purchase any account size of your choice, and then share the MT4 details given to you by the prop firm to us, to pass the challenge phases on your behalf within a short period of time. Our charges to pass the evaluation phases for various account sizes include:
Account sizes = Prices

We are currently offering a 5% discount on all our services till 30th of April with a  refund guaranteed, risk free for all our clients against any potential mishap.

💫 All our offers include an initial payment of 60%, and then a balance of 40% immediately after service has been completely and successfully delivered.

💫 We receive payments in any of these Crypto currencies: USDT, BTC (Bit coin) and ETH (Etherum)

💫 If you also wish to acquire a HFT or A.I trading robot, for both passing challenges and normal trading, the Ultimate Trading Empire has a special offer for you!

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